How to Use Binary Options Robot?

How to Use Binary Options Robot?

Binary Options Robot is the top trading binary system that is suitable for newcomers and traders who have previous experience in binary options trading. This is possible because the Robot software supports a trading dashboard which compliments the needs of each trader. The platform is able to do so because it offers special features that are adjustable for different trading aspirations.

What is Binary Options Robot?

The auto trading industry has slowly taken over binary options trading. This is understandable due to many benefits an auto trading software can provide. However, there is a difference between just saying something provides a service and actually providing a quality service. Binary Options Robot is a premium trading software that provides complete user control and special features that enable newbies and experienced traders to make a profit.

With computer technology behind Binary Options Robot, our traders get a software that is based on algorithm trading. This means that Binary Options Robot is able to analyze the current financial market situation, and scan the market for trades that have the best odds for bringing a profit to Binary Options Robot traders.

Open a Free Account with Binary Options Robot

Our traders have a significant advantage while trading with Binary Options Robot. The only thing traders have to do is optimize the trading dashboard. You should be familiar with all the features and settings in order to have the best chances for a rewarding outcome.


To be able to trade with this binary robot, you have to register for free. Open your account easily in a few quick steps and you are almost ready to explore all your trading benefits with this successful binary robot. When traders make a deposit, they do it with a broker. Binary Options Robot is a free software and it doesn’t accept any payments.

When you make your first deposit, you will be linked to the broker’s account. This process is quite straightforward. Once you are done with your deposit, you will be able to see your available funds on the Robot dashboard. You are officially ready to begin trading. You have your trading account and full access to your Robot platform. Let’s see what would be the best way to optimize your dashboard.

Get to Know your Binary Options Robot Platform

The largest section of your trading portfolio belongs to trading assets. With over 50 assets, traders have a vast selection to invest in. These assets are divided into stocks, commodities, and currency pairs. You are able to invest in all these assets types. Under Trading Amount, you can enter different amounts for each of the 3 asset types. However, brokers have a minimum trading amount. For some, it’s only $1. Before you invest in your asset types, you must also remember to keep most of your assets activated.

There will be more incoming trades for you to accept. And more trades means better odds for rewarding outcomes. Beginner traders sometimes make the mistake of deactivating most of their assets. This results in a few trades because the Robot is restricted from scanning for more trading opportunities. Keeping all your assets active doesn’t cost anything and it could bring better results.

What is Auto Trade Approval on Binary Options Robot?

Auto Trade Approval is a novelty on Binary Options Robot that our traders should be familiar with. This benefit enables you greater control over your trading steps. Particularly, it gives you greater control over the trades the Robot offers to you. When the Robot is scanning the market, looking for optimal trades, you have the chance to give or deny permission to those trades. How does Auto Trade Approval enable you to do that?

When the Robot procures a trade for you, it will not place it immediately. It will display it to you in a form of a pop-up window. This means that you will receive the following information regarding that trade:

  • Asset
  • Investment Value
  • Call or Put suggestion
  • Accept or Decline options
  • Expiry Time of the trade

Based on this information, you have the final say on what happens with this trade. You have important information to help you with your decision and based on it, you can snap up that trade or simply pass on it. With every trade, you will gain more trading experience. Our traders don’t have to worry about their trades being placed automatically. You are the one who will be deciding what happens with each trade that will pop up with Auto Trade Approval.

Thanks to this unique Binary Options Robot setting, our traders experience trading on a more advanced level and are developing more strategies.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Our Binary Options Robot VIP Account contains special features that aim to improve trader’s quality of trading. In order to excel in binary options trading, you can use features like Risk Level, Expiry Times, and Trading Strategies. They contain options that help you reach your trading goal, whether it’s trading with the possibility of lower or higher profit making.

binary options robot-with-laptop

You can choose 3 different Risk levels; low, medium and high. With each risk level, you optimize the Robot to look for trades. The difference is in the level of the risk you prefer. Low risk means fewer and safer trades, and high risk level means higher profit opportunities with more trades to place.

Expiry Times has 2 options – 60 seconds and Daily Trades. For shorter trading times, you can opt for 60 seconds, and with Daily Trades, the Robot will look for trades with longer trading time. You can also trade with both expiry times and the Robot will look for trades with shorter and longer trading times. Our VIP account is available once you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. Our Customer Support will activate it for you when you contact them. You will get one month of free VIP benefits. And once your free month expires, you can prolong your VIP status for additional 3 months by making another deposit with the same or a different broker.

Binary Options Robot Mobile App

You can finally expand your trading abilities to our Binary Options Robot Mobile App. we have the best mobile platform available to you for all Android devices. This app includes all the benefits already available on our website. Traders can even use the same existing account to log in with their trading app. Trading with our mobile app has shown to be quite handy. You can enjoy in your trading options wherever you are. Using Binary Options Robot is a satisfactory and a befitting experience and if you take that plunge, you could see it for yourself.