The Ultimate Video Guide for Binary Options Robot

The Ultimate Video Guide for Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot has a practical and short video guide that will introduce you to trading with this trusted binary robot and its vast possibilities.

You can watch the video guide here and we will also provide more detailed information to make sure you have everything that you need to get you started. This will help our beginner traders to manage their trading more easily with Binary Options Robot.

With Binary Options Robot video guide, you will watch a short tutorial about the basic steps you need to take in order to begin trading and to thrive in it.

Binary Options Robot Video Guide Content

Binary Options Robot is a free binary software that is able to give you amazing trading opportunities otherwise inaccessible with manual trading. With Binary Options Robot, you will be offered trades that have optimal chances to bring you profit. This is possible because the Robot has algorithms that generate signals which result in trades that could be rewarding if you approve them.

This video guide will primarily show you how to register with the Robot for free and make a deposit with a broker. This is followed by an introduction to Binary Options Robot dashboard where you will see your features and tabs and the VIP features that you will be able to use once you make a deposit. In addition to Binary Options Robot video guide, we will also describe these features in more detail so you can get a complete guide to trading with Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot Dashboard Useful Facts

As you could see, it only takes a few short steps to get you trading with Binary Options Robot. Since Binary Options Robot is free, you always make a deposit on the broker’s account since you will only have transactions with brokers. Binary Options Robot never asks nor accepts any payments. Binary Options Robot provides a service in a form of a trading tool which enables novice traders with useful trading features.

Your dashboard will also display your available funds once you make your first deposit with a broker and update it with every new deposit you decide to make.

Binary Options Robot has over 50 assets and they are all available to invest in. You can invest in commodities, currency pairs and stocks. You can use Trading Amount feature to invest in these asset types. The Robot provides different investments for each asset type. You only have to make sure that you have your assets activated. This is important because our new traders tend to deactivate most of their assets and then fail to get any profitable trades because the Robot is limited with only a few active assets. So, activate all your assets and watch the signals pop up enabling you to accept or decline available trades.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval Guide

This novelty has been recently introduced to our Binary Options Robot traders. It is a result of our traders’ inquiries for having more control over their accounts. As we care about our traders’ experiences, we wanted to provide this benefit to them. Auto Trade Approval is a trading benefit that allows our traders to accept or decline each trade that pops up on the trading dashboard. While the Robot is scanning the financial market, our traders will receive a pop-up window of the trades that could be profitable. This Auto Trade Approval alert will give you the following information to make the decision easier on you; the asset, investment value, suggestion for a call or put action, the expiry time to accept the trade and the option to accept or decline the trade.

While our traders are developing their trading strategies, they will be able to decide on every trade the Robot offers them. This will no longer be an automatic process. The Robot will provide the trades, you will optimize the dashboard according to your preferences and in addition to that, you will have the final say on every trade that is offered to you.

Binary Options Robot Video Guide to Improve your Trading

In Binary Options Robot video guide, you are able to see features like Trade Options and the VIP features like Risk Level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times. All these features work perfectly together and when they are optimized they could bring you rewarding results.

Trade Options allows our traders to plan their investments more thoroughly and to manage their account more effectively. In Binary Options Robot video guide, you could see that Daily Stop Loss functions as a feature that enables you not to go over your own spending limit. You can make sure that you do not spend any more than what you have entered in Daily Stop Loss box. If you don’t want to invest more than, let’s say, $100 in daily trading, you enter that amount and when you spend it, the Robot immediately stops trading which prevents any undesirable financial loss.

Max Daily Trades feature serves to set a limit on the number of daily trades. When you enter the maximum number of daily trades, you will be able to trade until that number is reached. The trading will stop after that ensuring you also of any unwanted trading moves.

What does Binary Options Robot Video Guide say about VIP Account?

In our video guide, you can see that we reward our traders with our Binary Options Robot VIP Account. You can become a VIP member when you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. Contact our Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status shortly. This will give you access to Risk level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times.

Risk Level is a feature that provides satisfactory opportunities for newbies and advanced traders. You can invest with low risk level on, which means the Robot will be looking for fewer and safer trades. However, advanced traders like to trade with high risk level which results in more trades offered by Robot and higher rewarding opportunities. You can choose different risk levels with multiple brokers. This way, you explore more options for financial rewards.

As mentioned in the video guide, our VIP Account is accessible to all traders who register and make their first deposit. After the free month expires, you can prolong your VIP status for additional three months when you make another deposit with the same or a different broker. Make sure you contact our Customer Support so our friendly staff can prolong your VIP membership.

We hope that our ultimate Binary Options Robot video guide has given you all the necessary information to start trading with the Robot. You can always contact our Customer Support for further information or to help you start trading. We at Binary Options Robot take care of our traders’ needs and hope to ensure a trading environment that will be satisfactory to you on all levels.