Trading with Binary Options Robot on Mobile Platform

Trading with Binary Options Robot on Mobile Platform

Would you like to be able to place good trades while you are on your way to work? Or on your lunch break? Maybe while you’re getting your coffee to go? This is all possible because of Binary Options Robot Mobile App.

Our traders can double their chances of success now with the release of Binary Options Robot Mobile App. Making serious money in binary options trading is not an idea anymore, it is an actual possibility. Binary Options Robot is a top binary robot that has been very active in procuring successful trades to beginners and experienced traders. This is not a surprise since it uses highly sophisticated technique, known as algorithm trading, to procure the most optimal trades for its traders. The most user-friendly trading dashboard with special features helps our traders to actually reach their trading goals.

And now, Binary Options Robot has a mobile app that enables traders to be successful while on the move.

How do I Register with Binary Options Robot Mobile App?

If you are a first-time trader with this binary robot, you will see that creating an account with Binary Options Robot is quite easy, whether you register with our mobile app or on our website.

All you need to is put in some basic information and your account will be activated. This is completely free. Also, if you already have an account with Binary Options Robot, you can use your existing information to log in on your Mobile App.

When you make the first deposit with a broker, you will be linked to the broker’s account where you will complete the transactions. This is because there aren’t any payments with Binary Options Robot. You will only have to deposit and make withdrawals with binary brokers. A successful binary robot like Binary Options Robot provides only reliable brokers, so you don’t have to look elsewhere to see if a broker is available in your country. Binary Options Robot will automatically only display brokers that are available in your country.

These settings will also be applied to your mobile app. So, all your features from Binary Options Robot website will be the same on your mobile platform.

Investing in Assets on Binary Options Robot Mobile Dashboard

Accessing your mobile dashboard is easy once you make the deposit with a broker. Binary Options Robot Mobile Platform is adapted to make mobile trading as simple as it can be. Assets cover the main part of your mobile platform. It provides over 50 assets and they are easy to customize. If you want to avoid rookie mistakes, you should always trade with most of your assets activated. This will result in more placed trades. The Robot will be able to scan the market for more trades that could be lucrative.


Inexperienced traders are known to deactivate most of their assets because they are still unfamiliar with how trading works. This results in a low number of trades which leads to small profits or no profit at all. This is a mistake that can be easily avoided just by activating most of your assets. Whether you are on your mobile platform or on your laptop, activating most of your assets will be beneficial in both cases. You also have the opportunity to invest in 3 different asset types; stocks, currency pairs, and commodities. With Trading Amount feature, you can invest strategically in different asset types. With your Mobile App, you are able to quickly adapt your trading settings wherever you are.

Binary Options Robot Mobile Dashboard Features

When you trade with the best trading software that is fully controllable, you are able to optimize your trading dashboard whichever way you prefer to. Thanks to the interface that accommodates your trading needs, you can be productive on your mobile platform the same way this is possible on your website trading platform.

Binary Options Robot Mobile Platform also provides features like Trade Options, Trading Room, History, and the VIP Account.

Trade Options provides features like Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades. If you want to invest with a certain spending amount and not go above it, you can use Daily Stop Loss. To set a limit on the number of daily trades, you can enter a number in Max Daily Trades. The result is that all trading will stop when the Robot reaches the maximum amount that you have set. With Binary Options Robot mobile platform, optimizing your features is just as productive and exciting as on the Robot website, however, it’s definitely more convenient if you’re a more mobile trader.

Binary Options Robot Mobile Trading with History and Trading Room

History tab allows you to keep track of all your trading moves. Every trade that you have placed will be noted in History Tab. And not just that. You’ll be able to learn more about your trading opportunities because you can see all your trading decisions.


Trading Room is for all our traders that would like to explore manual binary options trading. It directly links you to the broker who you have deposited with. However, when you trade manually on a broker’s site, you cannot use any of the features available on Binary Options Robot mobile dashboard. This applies to trading on the Robot’s website as well. Manual trading means you are able to predict asset’s direction based on your own knowledge of the current status on the financial market. Nevertheless, nothing is stopping you from trading with Binary Options Robot while you are trading manually.

VIP Account on Binary Options Robot Mobile Platform

To get the best out of your trusted binary robot, you should use VIP features from the moment you start trading. We provide the same benefits from the VIP Account on your mobile platform as well. You can use Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies while you are trading on the move.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account is free for a month when you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker.

Risk Level allows you to use low, medium and high levels of trading risks. This can be optimized at any moment while trading. A good trading quality is to know what your opportunities are with each risk level and if it matches your trading needs. For example, beginners prefer to set their risk level to low because it results in fewer and safer trades. More experienced traders like to invest in trades with high risk level because it allows them to invest in more trades and explore higher profit opportunities.

It’s easy to trade on Binary Options Robot mobile platform when you have all the features that are designed to improve your own chances to make money in binary options. With Binary Options Robot, beginners quickly join the advanced traders due to trading with the best auto trading robot on the market.