Trading Guide for Binary Options Robot Assets

Trading Guide for Binary Options Robot Assets

Investing in assets is the basis for binary options trading. The challenge is predicting the direction of the asset. That is why you need Binary Options Robot. It offers traders to trade with accuracy and precision, excluding the human error factor.

In binary options trading, traders have the call-or-put option when they invest in assets. However, giving accurate predictions of the asset direction doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. With Binary Options Robot, we will give you a trading guide that will make trading and investing in assets a very simple and enjoyable experience.

Binary Options Robot Asset Types and Trading Amount

Binary Options Robot offers over 50 assets for trading. With this trusted binary robot, you have the option to explore investing in different asset types. You can choose among currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. On Binary Options Robot Platform, our traders can activate or deactivate every single asset. More so, you don’t have to go for the all-or-nothing option. You can invest different amounts in each of these asset types.

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There are traders who prefer to invest in only one asset type, like currency pairs. Binary Options Robot enables you to activate each asset separately. Under Trading Amount, you can choose an amount to invest in currency pairs. Furthermore, you can apply the same strategy and activate only stocks or commodities and invest in them. This trading guide explains how you don’t have to limit yourself with Binary Options Robot. You can explore diverse trading options.

A typical rookie mistake would be to deactivate most of the assets and expect winning trades for Robot to procure. However, Binary Options Robot cannot provide a lot of profitable trades if there are barely any available assets. If you activate most or all your assets, you will notice the increased amount of offered trades and you can choose to place more trades.

Invest in Binary Options Robot Assets with Multiple Brokers

You only need one Binary Options Robot trading account to trade with more than one broker. You can trade and optimize your features differently with each broker that you deposit with. When our traders make the first deposit, they usually move forward to another broker as they want to expand their trading abilities. In our trading guide, you can discover the tips and tricks that will improve your trading skills.

You simply click on the broker you want to deposit with on the Robot platform and complete the transaction. This way you can explore investing in different asset types while trading with different brokers. You can invest only in stocks with one broker and optimize your platform accordingly. For trading with another broker, you can choose to mix it up and invest in all asset types. The choice is yours and there are minimum limitations. Only more possibilities.

Invest in more Assets with Auto Trade Approval

Binary Options Robot has a unique trading benefit that was recently introduced to our traders. It functions as a pop-up window that shows up when the Robot procures a trade on the platform. Our traders have the unique approach with this setting as it allows them to accept or decline every trade that the Robot offers. This makes Binary Options Robot extremely user-friendly as it gives maximum control to its traders.

How Auto Trade Approval Works?

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Binary Options Robot algorithms scan the market, analyze the fluctuations, and generate binary signals. The result is the offered trade that pops up on the platform. When Auto Trade Approval pops up, traders are able to make a decision about the trade based on the information: asset type, investment value, expiry time for accepting the trade, a suggested option to call or put, and the possibility to accept or decline the trade.

Only Binary Options Robot traders have the final say on the offered trade. With each trade that our traders accept or decline, they can expand their trading knowledge and apply more strategies for their trading.

Popular Assets on Binary Options Robot Platform

Our traders don’t have to decide on one asset type and only invest in them. With this trading guide, we want to show you how you can invest in all asset types with the amount that you prefer. However, most brokers have a minimum trading amount of $25. Once you decide what you want to invest in, you can always keep track of every investment you have ever made. In our History tab, traders can see all the placed trades. You will always be able to see the following information of your trades: asset, broker, direction, strike and close price, order and close time, investment, returns, and results. If you keep track of your trading history regularly, you will be able to see what assets appear to be the most beneficial to you. Here are the assets that have been popular to invest in:


– Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, facebook, Coca-Cola

– Crude Oil, Gold Futures

Investing in assets can be done in more than one way. With Binary Options Robot, you can trade with more than one broker and explore the many ways of strategizing with different asset investments.

Trading Guide for Binary Options Robot Features

Our traders also have to familiarize themselves with other features on Binary Options Robot platform in order to maximize their trading odds. It is important to know that Robot features can be extremely beneficial if they are used efficiently.

Binary Options Robot Trading Tools

Trade Options offers excellent ways for managing your investments. You can choose to set a spending amount for daily trading. With Daily Stop Loss, our traders can set an amount they want to spend and not go over it. The purpose is that once that amount is spent, there can’t be additional investing and trading stops. This protects your investments from any unwanted financial loss.

Max Daily Trades offers similar account management with the focus on the number of trades. When our traders enter a maximum amount under Max Daily Trades, they enter a number of trades that is allowed for daily trading. Once that number is reached, traders can be sure that the trading stops. These options are really important to traders as they can relax and trade without the need to check on their account status all the time. The Robot does it for you.

Beginner traders can discover a lot with this trading guide and start trading with an advantage right away. You can simply activate your assets, set your features, and let the Robot find the trades that could bring you profit.