Trade With Binary Options Robot in Canada and Brazil

Trade With Binary Options Robot in Canada and Brazil

We are very happy to share the news of finally adding Canada and Brazil to our Binary Options Robot! Welcome and Bienvenue Canada! Bem Vindo Brasil!

Binary options trading is not the same whether you are a beginner or a professional trader. If you don’t have time to acquire the knowledge and expertise that is required for manual trading, then Binary Options Robot could be the perfect way for you to do it.

Traders from Brazil and Canada have been given the chance to make a profit with the best binary software. And we are here to give you all the information that you need to get the proper boost for making a profit with Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot Account for Canadian Traders

To begin trading with Binary Options Robot, traders from Canada can open a free account by the time you say “Oh Canada”.

binary options robot sign in

Canadians would be happy to hear that our Binary Options Robot homepage is available in English and French. Whether you’re from Quebec or British Columbia, you can use English or French to create a free trading account.

Binary Options Robot is a 100% free trading software that doesn’t charge additional fees and the software is available to you as long as you are online. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be able to make a deposit with a broker.

Binary Options Robot Account for Brazilian Traders

As it is the case with our Canadian traders, traders from Brazil can also open a free account immediately. In fact, we also have Portuguese available on our home page so traders from Brazil will be glad to know that they can open their account in Portuguese.

Once you provide the basic information and activate your account, all there is left to do is make a deposit with a broker. The deposit procedure is always done between the traders and brokers since Binary Options Robot doesn’t accept any payments nor asks for fees.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval for Brazil and Canada

For our traders from Canada and Brazil, there are some features that you will be able to use so your trading has a good start. First of all, Binary Options Robot uses complex trading algorithms that generate free binary signals which could end up being profitable trades for you.

Binary Options Robot dashboard and profit

What is unique about Binary Options Robot is that our traders have absolute control over accepting trades. Auto Trade Approval setting is a pop-up that enables our traders to make a valid decision over their investments. Every Auto Trade Approval provides information about the asset, the broker, the investment value, call or put action, expiry time of the trade and the option to accept or decline the trade.

Every time Binary Options Robot offers a trade, Auto Trade Approval pops up for our traders in Canada and Brazil and choose to accept or decline the trade.

Binary Options Robot Dashboard Features

All the features available on Binary Options Robot dashboard are suitable for beginner traders and professionals as well. Every trader can accommodate the features according to their trading routine. Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades allow traders to set a limit for their spending and the number of invested trades. Trading Amount feature allows traders to invest in different asset types with various amounts. Traders from Canada and Brazil can invest in commodities, stocks and currency pairs with Binary Options Robot Trading Amount.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

binary options robot dashboard VIP

There is also Binary Options Robot VIP Account which offers special features that are now available to our traders in Canada and Brazil. More importantly, you only need to open a free account and make the first deposit with a broker and your VIP benefits will be available! Simply contact our Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status.

The VIP membership grants you access to the features like Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies. These advanced features improve the Robot’s efficiency and allow you to personalize your trading approach and strategies.

With Binary Options Robot, trading stops when you say so.