Binary Options Robot FAQ


  • What is Binary Options Robot?

    Binary Options Robot is a binary trading software that provides the trading experience unlike any other robot before. Based on signals, it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders because of its unique features designed for successful binary options trading.   

  • How does Binary Options Robot work?

    Equipped with complex trading algorithms, this binary trading software is able to scan the financial market. The Robot can predict market fluctuations and calculate what trades have the highest probability of bringing profit. Once it tracks the desirable trade, the Robot displays the binary trading signal on the trading platform where you can choose to accept or decline it.   

  • Is Binary Options Robot legit?

    Undoubtedly, Binary Options Robot is legit, and it is also fully independent from binary brokers.

  • Is Binary Options Robot suitable for beginners?

    You do not need any prior knowledge about binary options trading to use this software. It is enough for you to set up the risk level that suits your trading needs. This allows you to achieve the best trading results with the money you are ready to invest.

  • Is Binary Options Robot free?

    Yes, this is a free software and you don’t need to pay any fees while trading.

  • Do I need to download any software?

    Binary Options Robot doesn’t require any downloads, installments or plug-ins. It runs from your favorite internet browser.

  • Does Binary Options Robot trade only while I’m online?

    Robot lets you trade only while you are online. To ensure trader’s safety and absolute control over the account, the Robot cannot trade while you are offline.

  • Does Binary Options Robot have a mobile app?

    Yes, Binary Options Robot Mobile App is available for Android on Play Store. You can install the app for free. Binary Options Robot App is compatible with any Android smartphone and tablet. The app also provides all the special features already available on the desktop version.

  • How to place a trade with Binary Options Robot?

    With Auto Trade Approval setting, you are able to accept or decline the trade that pops up on your dashboard. Auto Trade Approval benefit allows you absolute control over your account. When a potentially profitable trade shows up as a pop-up window, you will get all the necessary information including the expiry time that will help you make a decision whether or not to trade.

  • How can Binary Options Robot customer support help me?

    Our customer support is a team of professionals that are familiar with every aspect of trading with this software. Our agents are available on Live Chat every day of the week. You can also contact them via contact form which they will reply to within working hours. If you want to activate your VIP account, just contact our customer support agents as they are the ones that activate your VIP status.  

Account Setup

  • How do I register with Binary Options Robot?

    When you register with Binary Options Robot, you fill out your basic information and with a few clicks, your trading account is created. You can use the same trading account when you install your Binary Options Robot Mobile App.

  • How do I start trading?

    You may begin trading with Binary Options Robot after you make a deposit with a broker. When you make the first deposit, you will have complete access to your trading platform. The first step is to enable Active Trading on the trading dashboard which allows you to begin trading with the broker of your choice.

  • How can I optimize my trading preferences?

    Binary Options Robot dashboard provides a lot of room for you to develop your trading strategy. Simply by choosing Assets, Trade Options, Trading Room and VIP Account, you are able to diversify your investment plan even more.

    We provide a lot of information and guides on our website about all the Binary Options Robot features and tips on how to successfully implement them.

    You can contact our customer support team if you have any questions about setting up your trading preferences.

  • How do I register with a broker?

    When you click on Open Account on our trading dashboard, you will be redirected to official broker site where you will be able to register with your broker. After making a broker account and depositing directly on broker site, you can begin trading.

  • Can I trade with multiple brokers?

    Absolutely. You can make a deposit with each broker that is available on our trading platform. Even more, you can use the same trading platform to customize your preferences for each broker separately.

  • Can I trade with an existing broker account?

    Binary Options Robot allows you to trade with multiple brokers after registering on our website. However, you cannot use already existing broker accounts to trade with Binary Options Robot.

Robot Dashboard

  • What is Active Trading?

    Active Trading is the main ON/OFF trading button. It allows you to start trading immediately the same way it allows you to stop trading. You cannot trade with Binary Options Robot if the Active Feature is deactivated.

  • What is Daily Stop Loss?

    Daily Stop Loss enables you to set a spending limit while trading. Enter the amount in Daily Stop Loss box and the Robot will keep trading until the amount runs out. Once the amount is spent, trading instantly stops. This feature allows you to manage your investments wisely.

  • What is Max Daily Trades?

    Max Daily Trades enables you to set the maximum number of daily trades you want the Robot to place. Once the Robot reaches the fixed amount, it stops trading which enables better risk and portfolio management.  

  • How many assets can I invest in?

    Binary Options Robot trading dashboard has over 50 underlying assets available for investments. The more assets you have activated, the more trades the Robot will be able to place. You can select as many assets as you like. This would bring you considerable profit opportunities.

  • What are Trade Amounts?

    Trade Amounts enables you to invest in different asset types; commodities, stocks and currency pairs. With this feature, you can invest different amount for each asset type. Just remember, to invest in all asset types, make sure you activate various assets to increase your odds for financial gain.

  • How can I track my trading results?

    You can track your trading results in “History” tab on Binary Options Robot trading dashboard on our website or with your Mobile App. Trading history presents transparent information about executed trades.

  • What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit amount depends on the broker you have chosen to trade with. For most brokers, the minimum deposit is $250. Traders deposit their investments with brokers, not Binary Options Robot.

  • Does Binary Options Robot have a Demo account?

    No, it doesn’t. Our traders only trade with real accounts. However, you are free to explore most of your dashboard before you begin trading or ask customer support for help with the features available.


  • What is Binary Options Robot VIP account?

    Binary Options Robot VIP account is an addition to our account that allows you to trade with extra trading benefits. These special features allow you to explore more trading opportunities for higher profits.

  • How much does it cost to get VIP account?

    VIP account is free of charge! We reward our traders with VIP status for an entire month when they register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker. Our customer support will activate your VIP membership when you contact them.

  • How can I become a Binary Options Robot VIP member?

    For our first time VIP members, just contact our customer support after you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. Our agents will activate your VIP features for an entire month for free.

  • How do I prolong my Binary Options Robot VIP account?

    When your VIP membership expires, our Customer Support can also prolong your VIP status. You will get additional 3 months when you make another deposit with the same or another broker from Robot portfolio.

  • What is Risk Level?

    Our binary trading software provides 4 different Risk levels our traders can explore while trading with one or more brokers. These Risk Levels enable you to experience different trading rushes. With low-risk level, the Robot opts for fewer but safer trades. With high-risk level, you can experience high profit opportunities and the Robot will be able to place a lot more trades.

  • What is Expiry Times?

    Expiry Times provides 2 trading options. If you opt for 60 Seconds, the Robot places trades with shorter trading time. With Daily Trades, the Robot will look for trades that have longer trading time. Binary Options Robot lets you trade with both expiry times simultaneously.

  • What are Trading Strategies?

    With 4 trading strategies, Binary Options Robot makes sure to cover all possible trading profit opportunities. Each trading strategy has its own trading algorithm that is suitable for different needs traders may have.

    You can choose to activate all 4 strategies: Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Capital Gain Cue.