The Difference Between Binary Options Robot and Other Robots

The Difference Between Binary Options Robot and Other Robots

When binary options auto trading emerged, the possibility to trade with success has suddenly been given to traders who had no previous experience. However, with the arrival of trusted binary robots like Binary Options Robot, there are also robots which are far from providing a quality trading service.

When you decide to trade with a binary robot, you are given the notion that the Robot takes care of trading and all you need to do is watch. Even though that might be the case with some binary robots, it would still be described as a poor trading experience.

However, if you trade with a premium binary software, you can immediately tell that you are trading with a quality trading service and not an average binary robot. We want our traders to have accurate information and not waste time and end up at the wrong place with a wrong binary robot. One of the best things about Binary Options Robot is that you can try it out for free.

Binary Options Robot is A Free Signal Provider

When you trade with a binary robot, it is all about the software performance. If you decide to trade with Binary Options Robot, you get a software that is based on algorithm trading. Here is how these complex algorithms perform for Binary Options Robot. They perform calculations and analyze the financial market swiftly and with accuracy that is unmatched with any other available trading system.

These algorithms continue to generate binary signals that end up on your trading dashboard as potentially lucrative trades. What separates Binary Options Robot from other binary robots is the fact that the precision this trading software has in generating signals is possible due to the velocity of algorithms to scan the current financial situation.

Unlike other robots, Binary Options Robot does not charge for these binary signals. In fact, thanks to our traders’ interest, we even give them complete control over the trades the Robot procures. You can find out more about this amazing Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval benefit further on in the article.

Trading Account with Binary Options Robot

Your trading account will only be activated once. This means that you will be able to trade with multiple brokers but you will only need one account with Binary Options Robot for your trading experience.

It’s easy to register with Binary Options Robot. You only have to fill out a few basic information to create your trading account. Once you complete this step, you are ready to make your first deposit with a broker. For the first deposit and every other deposit that you decide to make, it will always be done with a broker that is available on your dashboard. Since Binary Options Robot is a free trading software, you will never have to make any payments for the Robot or through the Robot. This means that you will always be linked to the broker’s account to complete your deposit payment. Right after, you will be able to see your available funds on the trading dashboard.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval Unique Innovation

As previously mentioned, you can expect to get binary signals from Binary Options Robot. Receiving binary signals and enjoying the many benefits of placing trades is a part of the Robot experience. Other auto trading binary robots usually just place trades without including the trader in the process. Binary Options Robot is more focused on its traders and that’s why Auto Trade Approval was introduced to our traders.

This new and unique trading benefit is a result of our traders expressing the possibility of having more control over the trades. This is what Auto Trade Approval facilitates. Accepting trades is a benefit that only Binary Options Robot traders have. Whenever a binary signal is generated, a pop up window appears on your trading dashboard. This pop-up window is the Auto Trade Approval benefit that gives you the authority to accept or decline trades. With Auto Trade Approval, you will get information on the asset, investment value, the suggestion to call or put, and the option to accept or decline the trade. If you decide to accept the trade, there is the expiry time so you know how much time you have before the offered trade expires.

With Auto Trade Approval, you can easily take the trade or simply pass on it. The Robot will still provide the trades with the same effectiveness.       

Binary Options Robot Has Multiple Trading on One Dashboard

The difference in trading opportunities with Binary Options Robot is that it doesn’t limit you, it allows you to expand your trading technique and discover more trading maneuvers. This is only possible with an efficient set of features that make multiple trading a task that is easily mastered and useful to traders.

Once you make a deposit with the first broker, you can just pick another broker from your Robot dashboard and make a deposit with them. Binary Options Robot also provides manual trading which most of other binary robots avoid. Binary Options Robot is a trusted binary software because you can experience how your trading skills are progressing with manual trading.

You can access the Trading Room on the Binary Options Robot dashboard and start trade on the broker’s website. Since manual trading demands certain expertise and background knowledge, you can’t use any of the Robot features from the dashboard. However, you can always continue to trade with the Robot at any moment.

Binary Options Robot Special Features

There are many features that allow you to perfect your multiple trading. With Trade Options, you can set different spending limits for every broker that you trade with. This way, you don’t need to keep track of all your trading moves since the Robot is instructed not to go over the spending limit in Daily Stop Loss. Max Daily Trades enables you to set a number of trades that you want to place during trading. Once that number is reached, trading will also stop. These options help in preventing any unwanted financial loss.

You can activate your VIP account easily. When you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you will get one month of free VIP benefits. You only have to contact our Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status. Once your free month expires, you can prolong it for another 3 months when you make another deposit with a broker.

Our Customer Support will assist you in prolonging your VIP status. Binary Options Robot is a top binary robot and it values the traders’ feedback.