How to Control Risk with Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

How to Control Risk with Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

Binary Options Robot has a very productive and successful trading platform that allows traders to invest in more than 50 assets. There are also additional steps to take in order to get the maximum from this binary robot and have a better control over trading risks.

Also, our traders can activate the VIP account and get access to extra features where they get to maintain risk levels, choose different strategies and invest in trades with different trading times. Our traders can choose to place trades on their own, they can invest various amounts in different asset types. Traders want to control how they place trades and invest in assets. There are special Binary Options Robot features that can be optimized for each trader individually for better risk management.

Risk Control with Binary Options Robot VIP Risk Level

How does Risk Level feature provide better trading experience? When you optimize your trading platform, you can also choose to trade with low, moderate, medium and high risk level. These different risk levels provide different opportunities that traders can use depending on their trading appetite. For example, our beginner traders like to start out with low risk level. This means that your Robot will provide fewer trades as these trades will involve minimal risk for investment.

Therefore, you have more control over your trading maneuvers. If you wish to set your risk level to high, the Robot procures more trades. This also means that you want to invest in trades with higher profit chances.

There are more ways of efficient risk management while trading.

How to Control Trading Risks with VIP Trading Strategies and Expiry Times?

Binary Options Robot has four strategies that are available in the VIP account. These strategies are:

binary options robot trading platform

– The Wise Growth Strategy

– The Perfect Pitch Method

– High Yield Systems

– Capital Gain Cue

Each trading strategy contains a special algorithm that is adjusted to different trading priorities. Traders will always have at least one trading strategy activated. However, since all four strategies perfectly complement each other for the same goal, traders can use all four strategies in order to increase their winning chances and control the trading risk while placing trades.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times

Expiry Times offers 2 options for traders who want the Robot to look for trades with different trading times. For shorter expiry times, traders can use 60 seconds, and for longer expiry times, traders can choose Daily trades. And you can also opt for both expiry times.

All settings on the Robot platform can be changed at any moment. You can apply all these VIP features to explore higher or lower risk control with multiple brokers. You could be profiting from diverse trading approaches with the same platform. Only on Binary Options Robot platform, our traders can experience multiple trading at the same time.

Risk Management with Binary Options Robot Mobile App

If you want to extend your trading while you’re on the move, you can install our Binary Options Robot Mobile App and place trades while you wait in line in a store. Our traders can install the app for free on their Android devices and sign in with their existing Robot account. Traders can apply their trading method and Robot VIP benefits on their mobile app.

You can choose different risk levels, and apply the trading strategies with different expiry times on your mobile app as well.

We want our traders to be able to exercise maximum user control with Binary Options Robot features in our VIP account. With this free trading software, you can explore many ways to invest in profitable trades in order to maximize your chances to get the outcome that you want.

How to Become Binary Options Robot VIP Member?

In order to become a Binary Options Robot user, you only have to open a free account. This requires the minimum of your personal information. With a free Robot account, our traders can make a deposit with a broker from the Robot platform. This means that you can begin trading. Other binary robots or brokers might require more deposits in order to get access to their upgraded accounts.

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With Binary Options Robot, we like to reward our traders with the VIP Account. When traders register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker, they will get one month of free VIP benefits. You only have to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support so they can activate your VIP membership.

Once you become a VIP member, you get full access to features like Risk Level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times.

When our traders deposit with a broker, they are directly linked to the broker’s account to complete the payment. This is because Binary Options Robot does not charge its services.

Binary Options Robot VIP Features

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When our traders activate their Binary Options Robot VIP features after they register and make a deposit with a broker, trading becomes a lot more interesting due to a greater probability of trading moves.

All the VIP features serve to extend the trading strategies our traders develop. You can explore different risk levels, choose among four different trading strategies and pick different expiry times. These features are also available to traders when they make more deposits with the same or another broker. In fact, when your free VIP month expires, you can easily keep your VIP membership. When you make another deposit with a different or the same broker, you will get 3 more months of VIP benefits. Simply contact our Customer Support and they will extend your VIP membership.

 Binary Options Robot Customer Support for VIP memberships

Our Customer Support is a team of professionals who can provide assistance in every step of the way during trading. Only Customer Support can activate your VIP account once you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker.

Beginner traders are able to contact us via live chat and contact form every day of the week, from 8 am to 10 pm. If you are a complete novice and you want to know more about binary options and trading with this binary robot, you can also contact our Customer Support as they will provide answers that you require. You can find out how to minimize your risks and explore higher profit opportunities when you place trades with different risk levels.

Only our Customer Support can activate and prolong your VIP membership when you make another deposit with brokers that are available on the Robot platform.