Can I use an Existing Broker Trading Account with Binary Options Robot?

Can I use an Existing Broker Trading Account with Binary Options Robot?

There are many traders that want to join binary options trading with affinities for successful trading outcomes. Traders look for brokers, open various accounts, even risk their privacy and financial security. In addition to that, they also need to be good at manual trading if they want to achieve profitable results.

Our traders want to experience more trading opportunities where they don’t have to perform calculations in order to find profitable trades. They have Binary Options Robot that does that with algorithm trading. Here is what you need to open a Binary Options Robot trading account.

Create an Account with Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that provides effective trading features, possibilities, and strategies that you can use to perfect your trading goals. Binary Options Robot has a trading platform that is independent from binary brokers. Our traders can open a free trading account with the Robot and use this account to trade with more than one broker using the same platform. However, you cannot access Binary Options Robot with a broker account or any other account for that matter.

Binary Options Robot gives you the unique opportunity to invest, trade and strategize with multiple brokers just with one free trading account.

Why do I Need to Open a New Binary Options Robot Account?

With Binary Options Robot account, you don’t have to use more than one account and trade on a different platform. Binary Options Robot provides a full service for trading with more than one broker. You can apply different trading methods on the same platform. With this practical approach to trading, you maximize your winning chances considerably.

binary options robot open account

When you register with the Robot in a few simple steps, you make a deposit with a broker. This will directly link you to the broker’s account where you will be able to complete the transaction.

Binary Options Robot provides trading services that could help our traders achieve what they want. The financial market is a volatile trading area where successful manual trading requires extensive binary options trading knowledge.

Binary Options Robot Broker Deposit Explained

Since Binary Options Robot does not charge its trading services and doesn’t accept payments, all transactions always occur between the trader and the broker.

Additionally, our traders don’t have to look for brokers that are only available in their countries. Binary Options Robot automatically provides brokers that are available in the trader’s country. Most brokers have a minimum deposit amount of $250. When you proceed to make a deposit with a broker using your Robot account, you will be linked to the broker’s website where you will immediately see what the minimum deposit amount is.

Furthermore, our traders can make numerous deposits with brokers using Binary Options Robot account. You can make another deposit with the same broker or a different one. This will enable you to practice multiple trading with more than one broker at the same time. Simply click on the broker you have deposited with, optimize the trading dashboard and move on to the next one using the same Robot platform.

Is Trading Room only for Traders who Have an Account with Robot?

Binary Options Robot has a trading feature that allows manual trading to our traders. When our traders decide to try manual trading, they simply go to our Trading Room tab that is located on the Robot platform.

Binary Options Robot Trading Room is available to all Binary Options Robot traders. You can choose to trade manually with brokers here at any moment during your trading. When you enter Trading Room, you don’t have to log out with your Binary Options Robot account. You will only be redirected to the broker’s trading platform where you will continue to trade manually. During this time, you will not be able to use any of the Robot features since manual trading requires your own trading expertise. If you have deposited with more than one broker, you can choose a broker when you access the Trading Room in order to continue trading manually on that broker’s website.

What about Binary Options Robot Mobile Trading Account?

Our traders can also trade with Binary Options Robot Mobile App. Available to all Android devices, the mobile app is free to install and offers the same trading opportunities.

If you are a first time trader and you don’t have the Robot account, you can easily open a new one with our Android trading app. However, you cannot use another broker account in order to use Binary Options Robot Mobile App. If you already have a Binary Options Robot account, you can simply log in on your mobile app with the same account and continue to trade.

What about Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

Binary Options Robot has a VIP account only available to our traders. The moment you register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker, we reward you with a month of free VIP benefits. You don’t need broker’s account to get this. You just need to contact our Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status.

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Binary Options Robot doesn’t want traders to spend ridiculous amounts of money in order to get the VIP Account. We want you to have ridiculous amounts of money because of the VIP Account. You can enhance your winning ratio with features like Risk Level, Expiry Times and 5 Trading Strategies.

If you have a broker account, you can only trade with that broker and on their trading platform. With Binary Options Robot, you get one free account, functional and effective trading platform and the option to choose a broker for trading. Other than that, you can also make several deposits with brokers that are available on the Robot dashboard. With every new deposit with another broker from your platform, you increase your odds for winnings and you use the same platform to optimize your features.

The reason why Binary Options Robot is so popular besides being a trusted and successful binary robot is because it provides a full service and multiple trading options all at one place with one trading platform.