Binary Options Robot VIP Benefits

Binary Options Robot VIP Benefits

Many of our traders share success stories thanks to the profit boosters available in our VIP features. Binary Options Robot VIP account can satisfy any trader’s appetite. What separates us from other binary robots is the fact that we don’t charge VIP benefits to our traders. We actually do want you to benefit from our features from the very moment you start trading.

Binary Options Robot is the ultimate auto trading software that provides a 100% user control. With a binary system that analyzes the financial market, follows how the market fluctuates, and calculates the best possible trades that you can accept or decline with Auto Trade Approval, there’s only one thing left for our traders to do; win.

Get Started with Binary Options Robot

We know you’re probably eager to know more about our VIP account so you can just start trading. But for your own trading benefit, let us tell you how to do things properly so you could invest in your assets successfully.


Our Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that requires no installments or plug-ins. You also don’t have to download it. You just have to be online. Binary Options Robot puts safety first for our traders. Therefore, trading only while you are online ensures better conditions for our traders.

To register with Binary Options Robot, you only need to fill out some basic information and your trading account will be activated. Explore your trading platform and see what features will enable you to trade with great results.  

Now, you are ready to make a deposit with a broker. This process is also swiftly processed as you are linked to the broker’s account where you can complete the transaction. Since Binary Options Robot is a free trading software and serves as a vessel between you and brokers, it does not perform any transactions. The Robot does something much better – it delivers the trades that you want.

What about Binary Options Robot VIP Account on my Mobile App?

Binary Options Robot has a mobile app? Yes. The mobile app has the VIP account? Yes! You see, we want our traders not to be limited to anything when trading with Binary Options Robot.

The mobile app has been recently released and it provides all the unique features including the VIP membership.

You don’t even have to create another trading account if you are already a registered Robot user. Just sign in with your existing account. Extend your trading abilities to the mobile app, set your trade amounts and activate your assets from anywhere at any time.

How do I activate Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

As we said at the very beginning, our VIP account is not a privilege reserved only for those who can spend large sums of money. Since we allow same profit possibilities to beginners as well as advanced traders, all our traders can easily use the VIP account and here’s how.
If you are a registered Robot user who has made a deposit with one of the brokers, congratulations, you get one month of VIP benefits for free! In order to unlock the VIP features, you need to contact our Customer Support. They will activate your account shortly.
Now that you are fully equipped to trade with more than just one broker, you should learn about the VIP features and how to benefit from them.

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Binary Options Robot Risk Level Management

There are days when traders feel like exploring different trading risks. Especially when you gain some experience while trading, you will probably want to add some spice to your strategic moves and look for ways to achieve higher profits.

This is why the VIP account offers the Risk level feature. There are four risk levels that go from the lowest to highest risk levels. What do these risk levels allow you to do? For traders who would want to experience a trading rush, like stock brokers, you will definitely go for High Risk Level. This allows a lot more trades for the Robot to place since it looks for all the trades that could bring you high profit opportunities.    


However, most of our beginner traders like to start with low risk level. With this option, you are opting for fewer trades. This is because the Robot will only look for safer trades to place.

The Risk level preferences can be changed at any moment. As a matter of fact, you can customize different risk levels for every broker that you trade with. However, for trading to be possible in the first place, you have to choose at least one risk level. Otherwise, the Robot can’t trade.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times

As you may already know, there are assets that have different expiry times. Some assets can be available within a very short trading time while some assets can be available within a longer trading time.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times feature allows you to choose 60 seconds or Daily Trades option. It depends on your current trading duration preference. However, you can activate both Expiry Times features. This means that the Robot will be able to place trades with shorter and longer trading times.


Having both options checked surely allows the Robot to place trades that could bring great profits to traders.

Trading strategies with Binary Options Robot

All our traders eventually develop their trading strategies on their trading platform. However Binary Options Robot Trading Strategies represent somewhat different trading possibilities.

The strategies are Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Capital Gain Cue. Each trading strategy has its own algorithm. These trading algorithms enable traders to explore different trading opportunities.

If you prefer to diversify your tactics, you can have all four strategies activated and follow the trades that appear on your platform. You can also alternate among the strategies. As long as you have at least one active strategy, your Robot is able to place trades.

How do I prolong my VIP Account?

When your free month expires, you will be able to prolong your VIP status easily. When you make another deposit with a different or the same broker, you will get another 3 months of VIP membership. Please contact our friendly Customer Support and they will apply the changes so you can remain our VIP user for at least another 3 months.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account is the perfect tool that helps our traders get satisfying trading results. You are completely in control of your trading account. And with all the features that make trading with the Robot possible, your winning options could only get higher and higher.