Binary Options Robot New and Unique Auto Trade Approval Benefit  

Binary Options Robot New and Unique Auto Trade Approval Benefit  

We at Binary Options Robot would like to introduce you to our new and unique trading setting!

Our traders who wanted to have more control over the trading process inspired this novelty in Binary Options Robot. As a result, your Binary Options Robot is now a 100% controllable auto-trader.

Perks of Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval

Binary Options Robot has established itself as a trusted, intuitive and a secure binary robot for its traders. Every auto trading software guarantees automated trading, big returns, and lucrative profits, but we decided to take it a step further. As of now, we offer Auto Trade Approval, which provides a unique approach to auto trading user control. You already know that when you opt for trading with Binary Options Robot, all you need to do is customize the trading features. The Robot is the one that is gathering all the information on asset values, market statistics, and good investment opportunities.

The profit-making power of Binary Options Robot lies in the complexity and amazing speed of its auto trading algorithms. This viable trading information is shown to the trader as a trading benefit that can be best defined as the information-bearer of the most favorable trading opportunity.

Auto Trade Approval’s function is to notify the trader that Binary Options Robot’s comprehensive algorithm calculated an opportunity to be seized upon hence a winning trade can be placed.

What has changed on Binary Options Robot?

Everything you enjoy and everything that makes our Binary Options Robot the best and most secure auto trader on the market hasn’t changed at all. However, now you have the opportunity to seize the control. This allows you to have the final say when it comes to what which favorable trading instance you wish to snap up!


The novelty in Binary Options Robot is that you get a binary auto trade approval alert. It appears in a form of a pop up window. This trading benefit provides the information on the trade you choose to accept and the investment value attached to it.

The unique binary trade approval service appeals to traders more. It lets you make your own decision whether to use or skip on the benefit offered. This new auto trading setting is implemented when trading with any of the auto trading brokers on Binary Options Robot dashboard.

Since our traders can trade with multiple brokers on the Robot platform, they get to choose to accept or decline every trade with each broker they have deposited with. Instead of just getting the alerts automatically and not being able to do anything with them, now you have the unique opportunity to decide what you want to do with each trade that pops up when you are online.

For all novice traders out there, allow us to show you what steps you have to take in order to trade successfully with this new benefit on Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval Offers More Than Ever Before

Trading with Binary Options Robot is quite effective. When traders register with Binary Options Robot, they do it for free. Our Robot does not have additional charges or installments. This auto trading software doesn’t need to be downloaded. You only need to be online to be able to trade.

When you register in a few simple steps, you can go to your trading platform and explore the special trading features available. Make the first deposit with any of the trusted brokers from the platform. When you trade with Binary Options Robot, you don’t need to double-check your broker’s reputation, we do it for you. The only thing you need to worry about is whether the broker matches your trading needs. The minimum deposit amount depends on each broker. Usually, it’s $250.

Now, the trading can commence.

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Binary Options Robot Settings with Auto Trade Approval

When you access your Binary Options Robot Trading Platform, you get to set up special features that improve your trading skills and increase your profit chances. The trick is knowing how to customize the features to get the results you want.

Firstly, our traders have over 50 assets to choose from. They can trade with currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. In fact, you can decide on a trading amount for each asset type. However, the minimum trading amount differs among brokers and some of them starting with just $1.

Before investing in these asset types, you need to make sure that you have most of your assets activated. This will procure more binary alerts and with the new auto trading setting, you get to choose to accept or decline each trade offered to you.

The pop-up window also informs you of the expiry time for you to accept or decline the trade. However, bear in mind that you will not be able to benefit from auto trade approval while the active trading setting is off. You can choose the amount for daily spending and daily trades using your trade options. With Daily Stop Loss, traders have the option to set a spending limit. When the Robot spends that amount, it stops trading.

With Max Daily Trades, you put a maximum number of trades for Robot to place. When it reaches that number of trades, it stops trading. You can also keep track of all the placed trades under History tab. In order to ensure transparent trading, your Robot gives you information on Broker, Order Time, Close Time, Asset, Investment, Direction, Strike Price, Close Price, Results, and Returns.

Accept More Trades with Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Our traders have the option to use additional features with Binary Options Robot VIP account. When you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you get one free month of VIP membership. So, contact our Customer Support and they will enable the VIP features on your trading platform.

A feature like Risk Level, lets you explore different strategies while trading. If you choose low risk level, your Robot looks for safer trades to place. Our beginner traders usually start off with this risk level until they feel more confident about exploring high profit chances. Which is what high risk level enables. Experienced traders prefer to use this risk level option. This means that the Robot places a lot more trades since it looks for high profit opportunities.

With the VIP account, traders have 4 different trading strategies at their disposal. Each one is a different trading algorithm.

If you want trades that have different expiry times, you can use two different options; Daily Trade and 60 seconds. These features allow the trader to instruct the Robot to place trades with longer or shorter expiry time.

The opportunity to control which trades to accept or decline with Auto Trade Approval is also applicable to our Binary Options Robot Mobile App. This safety measure is available while trading on your smartphone and other mobile devices as well.

Much to our traders’ satisfaction, now you can choose what to do with each pop-up alert you receive while trading. Greater user control, smarter trading possibility, and better safety precaution completes the Binary Options Robot efficiency more than ever before.