Binary Options Robot Tips – Trade with Multiple Brokers

Binary Options Robot Tips – Trade with Multiple Brokers

If you feel like you’re not trading to your full potential, it could be that you still haven’t tried trading with more than one broker. This top binary robot has made it possible to trade with multiple brokers in a simple, practical, and lucrative way. And we will give you the best tips to make this type of multiple trading convenient and rewarding.

There are many advantages to multiple trading with Binary Options Robot. As a legitimate trading tool, the Robot has been recognized as one of the best trading systems for binary options trading. With Binary Option Robot, you can trade on the same platform, with one account and for free.

Setting up Binary Options Robot

Our traders really have their work cut out for them while trading with Binary Options Robot. In addition to scanning the financial market with algorithm trading, this amazing software is also completely user controllable. This is the perfect combination for traders who are trading with multiple brokers. Even if you are a beginner trader, you could easily start trading with more than one broker after only several days of trading.


Binary Options Robot is a free binary software that doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed. Our traders only need to be online to trade successfully. Binary Options Robot promotes safe trading, therefore, if you are offline, the Robot cannot trade. This puts you in charge of your trading account as you are the only one that can actively use it.

You can register with Binary Options Robot for free. Fill out just basic information and your account will be immediately activated. This means that you are now ready to make your first deposit with a broker. Making a deposit with a broker is fairly straightforward. You do it on the broker’s account where you will be guided to easily complete the process.

When you complete the payment, you will be able to see your available funds on the Robot dashboard. You are all set to begin your trading adventure.

Adding More Brokers on Binary Options Robot Dashboard

When you begin trading, you will be able to use many Robot features that could enhance your financial possibilities. We would also like to help our newbies with some trading tips so they could maximize their odds for financial gain.


If you trade with multiple brokers right after familiarizing yourself with all the features, you could have excellent opportunities for making money with binary options. With Binary Options Robot, you can easily master trading strategies. However, there are some rookie mistakes that we want our traders to know in order to avoid them.

Adding more brokers is easy. Binary Options Robot has several brokers available on its trading platform. We always strive to provide brokers that uphold certain trading standards, have a solid reputation, and are considered to be trustworthy. Therefore, adding an additional broker is just a matter of your personal preference. Most brokers have a minimum deposit amount of $250. When you click on the additional broker, you simply complete the deposit on their account. And your available funds will also be displayed on Binary Options Robot dashboard.

How do I Optimize the Dashboard for Trading with Multiple Brokers?

Binary Options Robot dashboard has features, tabs and special features that could all be combined optimally and improve your winning odds. With the History tab, traders get to see every trade they have ever placed. This means that while you are trading with two or more brokers, you can always go to History and check the trades that you invested in. And not just that, you can see the broker, time of the trade, expiry time, asset direction, your call or put decision, and the outcome.

If you want to try manual trading, you can go to Trading Room where you can pick the broker for manual trading. You will be redirected to the broker’s account where you will trade manually. Just a small tip, manual trading does not support any of the features available on Binary Options Robot dashboard. It is understood that if you trade manually, you are knowledgeable about the financial market, you can read charts and calculate how to predict asset direction. This is what Binary Options Robot does constantly.

Invest in Binary Options Robot Assets for Multiple Trading

There are more than 50 assets available on Binary Options Robot dashboard. You can invest in all of them and strategize how to invest in asset types while trading with more than one broker. There is a Trading Amount feature, and it allows you to invest different amounts in 3 asset types. We have currency pairs, commodities, and stocks. Some brokers have a minimum trading amount of only $1. You can invest in these asset types after you activate your assets.


An important trading tip for beginners, in order to avoid making mistakes, would be to keep those assets activated. Rookies tend to activate only a few assets and that leads to a small number of offered trades because the Robot is limited to provide more trades. However, activating all or most of your assets significantly increases your money-making options because your Robot can find plenty of trades. So, keep those assets activated when you trade with one or more brokers.

VIP Account Tips for Trading with Multiple Brokers

You can activate your Binary Options Robot VIP account when you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. This is our reward for traders who join our trading community. You get one month of free VIP benefits. Just contact our Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status.

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You will get access to features like Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies. These features are very beneficial for traders who trade with multiple brokers. You can use each VIP feature and set it up differently with each broker that you trade with. This type of strategizing could have a very rewarding outcome.

Risk level feature allows you to explore different ways of investing in various trades. Beginners like to start out with low risk level because it offers them fewer trades that are safer for investment. Advanced traders use high risk level because it gives them the opportunity to invest in more trades that could have higher financial rewards.

Expiry times allows you to invest in trades that have different trading times. And Trading Strategies offer special trading algorithms, when combined work perfectly to find you the trades that could bring profit to you.

These Binary Options Robot tips for trading with multiple brokers are also a valuable guide for every trader who has just joined trading with Binary Options Robot. Auto trading with this software is convenient for traders with any level of experience. You can adjust your features on the Robot dashboard according to your own trading plan. The Robot will always provide top notch trading service.