Binary Options Robot Regulated Brokers

Binary Options Robot Regulated Brokers

Many traders want some reassurance that they can trade with a binary robot in a safe environment, with functional features and brokers that are trustworthy and regulated. Binary Options Robot only promotes these types of binary brokers. Our traders’ gratification with our binary software is our priority.

Binary Options Robot is a successful binary robot that has become revolutionary due to its unique interface that is completely user-friendly. That is why Binary Options Robot is ideal for beginners. It provides a complete service that contains special features, additional VIP account, profile settings, and more than 50 underlying assets.

Brokers’ Availability on Binary Options Robot

In addition to that, Binary Options Robot dashboard is great for another reason – it contains brokers that are available to traders based on the country they are from. Since each country has its own terms for binary options trading, not all brokers are available everywhere.

When you log in with Binary Options Robot and proceed to make a deposit with a broker, you will have brokers that are available in your country. This spares our traders a lot of time as they don’t have to look for brokers. They will automatically have access to available brokers on Binary Options Robot dashboard.

Should All Brokers be Regulated?

In binary options trading, there are brokers which are regulated and brokers which are unregulated. However, that doesn’t mean that unregulated brokers are scams.

In order for a broker to be regulated, it needs to be licensed by specific government agencies. These regulatory bodies, like CySEC, expect from brokers to meet their requirements in order to provide binary options trading services. If binary options trading is available on the broker’s platform under these regulations, the broker is licensed therefore obligated to abide by their binary options trading rules.

Binary Options Robot offers regulated brokers on its dashboard. 24Option and Banc de Binary are some of the regulated brokers recommended by Binary Options Robot and available on the platform.

What about Unregulated Brokers on Binary Options Robot?

Since there are fewer brokers that are regulated than unregulated, it does not mean that unregulated brokers are not desirable for trading. We always want our traders to get all the information when they start trading so they are aware of the differences.

Binary brokers are not required to be regulated. If they are not licensed by CySEC or other regulatory bodies, they simply have fewer obligations toward binary options traders. And traders can always read our Guides section on our website and get regular updates about binary options trading.

It is perfectly common to trade with brokers which are not necessarily regulated but are still reliable for trading. These brokers put a lot of effort in providing a quality trading service. They uphold certain trading standards and mostly provide transparent trading. These are also Binary Options Robot requirements in order to recommend reliable brokers on the platform.

Brokers should strive to protect traders from any inconvenience and have transparent deposit and withdrawal procedures.

Trading with Binary Options Robot

Aside from having regulated and reliable brokers, Binary Options Robot provides trading conditions which are perfect for beginner traders. When you trade with this binary robot, you can optimize all the features according to your own preferences and when the Robot procures optimal trades for you, all you have to do is accept or decline the trades. This is possible with Auto Trade Approval benefit.

binary options robot auto-trade-approval

Only with Binary Options Robot, our traders have full control over the trades the Robot finds. When the Robot finds the optimal trade, traders get a pop-up window where they get details about the trade so they can decide whether they want to invest in that trade or not. They can do this because of Auto Trade Approval. This Binary Options Robot benefit displays the asset, investment value, a call or put suggestion, the expiry time of the trade and the option to accept or decline the trade.

Our traders have the advantage of choosing whether to seize the trade or simply pass on it and wait for another profitable trade. In each case, you gain more experience and better oversight of your trading decisions.

Trading with Multiple Brokers on Binary Options Robot Dashboard

With Binary Options Robot, you can make just one trading account and you can do it for free. Once you register with the Robot, you only make deposits with brokers. The reason why so many traders prefer multiple trading is because it notably enhances their chances for rewarding results. Our traders can trade with more than one broker on the same trading dashboard. Once you make a deposit with a broker, you can optimize your trading dashboard with features like Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trade.


These features can be individually customized for every broker that you deposit with. With Daily Stop Loss, you can set a spending limit for daily trading. The best part is when the amount that you entered is spent, the Robot will stop trading. Your account and your funds are protected.

Max Daily Trade is excellent for traders who like to set a maximum number of trades during their daily trading. When the designated number of trades is reached, trading stops as well. You can easily manage your investments and organize your trading priorities.

Every time you make a deposit with a new broker on Binary Options Robot dashboard, you simply optimize these features with the current broker. You can continue to trade with another broker just by clicking on them and optimize the same dashboard only for that broker. It is that practical and definitely worthwhile for trading with regulated and trustworthy brokers.

Binary Options Robot VIP Settings for Regulated Brokers

Our traders get access to Binary Options Robot VIP Account almost right after they start trading. This is thought out this way because we want our traders to have all the advantage with this binary robot. Therefore, once you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you can get one month of free VIP benefits. You just need to contact our Customer Support.

With our VIP features, you can optimize your Risk level with every broker you trade with. You can choose among 4 Trading Strategies or combine all of them to look for the best trades. With Expiry Times, choose trades with shorter or longer trading time or choose both options.

It is all possible with Binary Options Robot VIP Account. Simply optimize your platform, invest in the assets that you want and wait for the results.