Binary Options Robot Trading History

Binary Options Robot Trading History

Binary Options Robot enables traders to explore some unique benefits. With algorithm trading, Binary Options Robot has a lot more to offer. Our traders get to trade with multiple brokers, they can explore different investment plans and manage their financial goals to improve their results. This trading software is a unique binary robot that functions only for the traders’ interests.

An advantage to all Binary Options Robot traders is also the fact that this binary robot gives them full control over placing trades. Aside from being able to decide over every trade, you can also keep track of all your trading results. In this article find out more about Binary Options Robot trading history, as it is a very useful feature.

Binary Option Robot always promotes transparent trading, and if you want to know more about it, you will discover how you can always be on top of your trading

Binary Options Robot Trading Tutorial

Binary Options Robot is a free binary software and you can register for free. You only have to give us your basic information, pick your password and your account is created. With Binary Options Robot, you will never have to download anything. While you are online, your Robot can trade. When you are offline, the Robot cannot trade, ensuring you of safe trading conditions.


When you make the first deposit, you are automatically assigned a broker. This is to alleviate the whole starting process for you. Since Binary Options Robot provides excellent trading service, providing reputable brokers is also a part of that service. So, whichever broker you get to trade with, you will still be trading with the best binary robot on the market. To complete the deposit, you will be linked to the broker’s account. This is because Binary Options Robot never asks for any payments and all transactions are always processed between our traders and brokers. When you complete the deposit, you will be able to see your available funds on Binary Options Robot dashboard.

Binary Options Robot Trading History and Trading Room

When you start trading with Binary Options Robot, you will be able to use the best trading dashboard that covers every aspect of productive binary options trading. There is the opportunity to trade manually as well. Binary Options Robot has a complete trading service and does not limit the trader. So, if you are able to trade manually, you are welcome to. Just bear in mind that when you go to Trading Room, you will not be able to use any dashboard features. This is possible only while you trade with the Robot. Manual trading implies that you are knowledgeable about the financial market, asset direction prediction and financial methods.


With Binary Options Robot, you can be an absolute beginner, not have any trading experience and still trade with great odds.

Trading history is one of the tabs available on Binary Options Robot dashboard. It enables you to see every single trade that was ever placed. History makes binary options trading quite accessible because you are able to trade with several brokers at the same time and still be able to keep track of all your trading moves.

Binary Options Robot Invested Assets in Trading History

One of the things that you will be able to see in your trading History is Assets. Binary Options Robot has over 50 assets and the best part is that you can invest in all of them. They are divided into 3 types: commodities, currency pairs and stocks. This is all available under Trading amount feature. You can invest in your asset types. There are various minimum trading amounts for brokers, but some have the minimum trading amount of $1. You can choose to invest differently in all three asset types. The trick, though, is to keep those assets activated. There is not much benefit for you if you invest in commodities, stocks, and currency pairs but have only around 10 assets activated. Having most of the assets activated doesn’t bring any expense, it only brings more profit opportunities.

And once you invest in wanted assets, you will be able to see in your History which assets you have invested in. Binary Options Robot trading history tab offers more details about your trading habits. Let’s see how that works in your favor.

Binary Options Robot Trading History Details

Every time you place a trade, here are all the details that you will be able to see:

  • Asset, broker, investment, direction, order and close time, strike and close price, results and returns

You will have this information for every trade that you place. With this possibility, beginner traders can learn a lot about their trading habits and how to improve them.

One of the benefits from trading with Binary Options Robot is trading with multiple brokers. This means that you can make a deposit with more than one broker and be able to see all those trades documented in the History tab. Our traders can use the same dashboard to optimize all the special features individually for each broker. And every time they place a trade, it will be recorded under History tab. With all the other details listed above.

It is important that our traders are always informed about their trading and how they can improve it and diversify their trading strategies.

With the release of Binary Options Robot Mobile App, traders would also like to know if they will have the same benefits as the ones they already have on our website.

History with Binary Options Robot Mobile Trading

Binary Options Robot Mobile App has recently been released. If you have an Android device, find out how to use it to expand your trading while you are on the move.

Binary Options Robot Mobile App is completely free to install and enables you to trade with the same efficiency as on Binary Options Robot website.

You will be able to use your Binary Options Robot trading History tab along with all the other features, VIP account included. Discover how you can explore many trading options while you are trading on the move. When you install the trading app, you can use your existing Binary Options Robot account to log in. The History tab is located at the same place as it is on Binary Options Robot website. You will also be able to see all the details of your trades, from the asset, its direction, result and everything else already listed above.

Trading with Binary Options Robot is really a pleasant experience that is practical and above all, rewarding.