Binary Options Robot Free Download – Myth or Truth?

Binary Options Robot Free Download – Myth or Truth?

We often get asked from new traders if our software is as free as we claim it to be. Find out if this binary robot is true to its word and what it means to become a Binary Options Robot trader.

What happens when you use a trading software that claims to provide the best trading service with efficient features and additional special accounts? It should give all Binary Options Robot traders the ultimate advantage in binary options trading. The truth is that it does, you just have to know how to optimize your trading dashboard to get the maximum from your trading robot.

How to find out if Binary Options Robot is a Free Trading Software?

Binary Options Robot has a 100% free sign up process. You only need to fill out a few information to activate your Binary Options Robot account. You don’t even have to download anything or install the software. You simply log in for free and trade with Binary Options Robot.

Since Binary Options Robot provides a free trading service, all the deposit procedures that happen exclusively go through binary brokers available on the Robot platform.

Is Binary Options Robot VIP Account Free?

Just like the registration process, getting the VIP account is how we reward our traders for their loyalty and joining Binary Options Robot. When you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you get a free month of VIP benefits. You only have to contact our Customer Support in order to activate your VIP status.

binary options robot trading platform

Our VIP account gives you access to features that further enhance your trading strategies and make it easy to trade with multiple brokers. One of the advantages of trading with Binary Options Robot is exploring various ways to place the profitable trades by optimizing your Robot. In addition to that, you can do this with every broker that you deposit with. You can strategize in more ways like this and increase your funds with wanted trading outcomes.

Binary Options Robot VIP Features

When you use Risk Level, you can explore different ways to place trades. With low risk level, you can invest in fewer trades with minimum risk involved. However, high risk level enables traders to invest in more trades with higher profit opportunities.

Additionally, with Expiry Times, our traders can optimize their trading according to their goals. If you prefer shorter trading time, choose 60 seconds. For longer trading times, check the Daily Trades box. Four trading strategies allow you to approach from different angles with your trading maneuvers. Each strategy has its own algorithm and combined together, they provide more options for investing in profitable trades.

Once your free VIP account expires, you can prolong it for another 3 months easily just by making another deposit with the same or a different broker. Contact our Customer Support and they will prolong your VIP shortly.

Is Binary Options Robot Trading Room Free?

We want our traders to get the full trading service with Binary Options Robot. That is why we provide manual trading on the Robot platform. This means that our traders can place trades completely on their own without using any of the tools from the Robot platform.

When you click on Trading Room, you don’t have to pay extra or download anything. You will simply be redirected to your current broker’s site where you can continue to trade manually.

Nevertheless, our traders still have the unique opportunity to trade successfully with this binary robot that procures profitable trades. This excludes the need for traders to waste time learning about market volatility, chart reading, asset value and more.

Our traders can enjoy the perks of trading with the Robot and fully utilize the Robot features like Trade Options, Trading Amount, the VIP account. And they can also switch to manual trading easily. With Binary Options Robot, you don’t have to choose if you can have both.

Is Binary Options Robot Mobile App Free?

Binary Options Robot has a new trading app that is available for all Android devices. Now, you can place trades while you are on the go. Binary Options Robot mobile app is completely free to install and traders can enjoy the same platform characteristics like on our website. We have made sure that you can trade easily on our app as well.

Traders can also simply log in on their mobile app with their existing Robot account. Binary Options Robot VIP Account is also available on the mobile app. Traders can activate it when they register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker. That’s all it takes and if you contact our Customer Support, they will activate your VIP status shortly.

How do Binary Options Robot Traders Deposit with Binary Brokers?

Once our traders create their Robot trading account, they make a deposit with a broker. Binary Options Robot provides brokers on its platform that are available to traders in their country. Once you register, you will automatically get brokers that are available for trading in your country.

The standard deposit amount among binary brokers is $250. To complete the deposit payment, you will be linked to the broker’s website in order to simplify the process. Once you complete the deposit payment, you will have available funds on your account. So, there are absolutely no payments that go through Binary Options Robot. All transactions happen only between brokers and traders.

Binary Options Robot Assets

Binary Options Robot has over 50 assets for traders to invest in. You can choose to trade stocks, currency pairs, and commodities. Once our traders begin trading, they have to activate the assets.

binary options robot assets

You can activate as many assets as you want. What is important to know is that the more assets you have activated, the more trades the Robot will be able to procure. It is completely free to activate most or all of your assets. It does not cost anything and it only increases your odds for better trading opportunities. With Trading Amount, you can use that advantage and invest in different asset types. Brokers usually have a minimum trading amount of $25. You can choose to invest in only stocks or commodities or just currency pairs. It is completely up to the trader. You can always explore your trading options with diverse asset investments.

Independent from binary brokers, Binary Options Robot is a completely free trading software that provides all the right tools on its platform where you can freely use them to experience rewarding trading results.