Binary Options Robot – 100% Controllable Robot

Binary Options Robot – 100% Controllable Robot

Is Binary Options Robot an irreplaceable tool in binary options trading? With a novelty that we have recently introduced, our traders would most definitely say yes. Binary Options Robot is a fully controllable auto trading software now. Unique in such trading approach, our traders have the one-of-a-kind chance to trade with full authority over the trades.

Auto Trade Approval is a special benefit that is only available to Binary Options Robot traders. We recognized our traders’ need for greater trading opportunities. As the best auto trading robot on the market, Binary Options Robot is always focused on providing the best service to our traders. The outcome benefited our traders who feel more empowered than ever.

Binary Options Robot 100% Controllable with Auto Trade Approval

Our traders don’t need to download our software to be able to trade with Binary Options Robot. You only need to be online to register for free. Create your trading account easily to begin trading as soon as possible.

You only need to create one account to be able to trade with multiple brokers. The beauty of Binary Options Robot is that you can practice multiple trading on just one trading platform. You only get to be the top binary robot on the market if the traders are satisfied.

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Before we actually get to use the Auto Trade Approval benefit, you need to make a deposit with a broker. You will be redirected to the broker’s account where you will complete the payment. This process should be quite simple and straightforward. Once this is complete, our traders can see their available funds on their Robot dashboard.

When you begin trading, your Binary Options Robot dashboard will be your main trading spot. This is where you will learn to optimize your features and enable your Robot to find you the trades that could bring you financial gain.

Remember, trading with Binary Options Robot is only possible while you are online. You cannot use Auto Trade Approval or any other features if you are offline.

User Control Benefits with Binary Options Robot

When our traders begin trading, they have the entire dashboard at their disposal. Robot features are designed to improve traders’ winning chances. Therefore, you have over 50 assets to invest in. Once you begin trading, you have to keep those assets active because it will produce more trades. If there are only a few active assets, your Robot will not be able to produce many trades as it will be limited by the small number of available assets.


Keeping all your assets activated doesn’t cost anything. You can also invest different amounts in different asset types. Binary Options Robot offers stocks, commodities and currency pairs to invest in. Brokers tend to have different minimum trade amount and for some, it’s only $1. You can choose to invest differently in each asset type under Trading Amount. If you invest in all 3 types, then you can have bigger chances for achieving profit because the Robot will have more trades to look for.

Now, when your Robot finds you that optimal trade for investment, Auto Trade Approval pops up. It provides crucial information about the trade which helps you decide whether you want to invest in that trade or not. This is why this setting is so empowering to our traders. Until now, trades were placed automatically, but now, traders have the final decision on the matter.

When you receive the Auto Trade Approval on your dashboard, you will be able to see the asset, the investment value, call or put suggestion and the expiry time if you want to take up on that trade. This means that there is a time limit for trade acceptance. The financial market is volatile and this results in sudden changes. Therefore, if you want to accept the trade, pay attention to the expiry time. The biggest benefit is that you are the one who gets to decide. You can accept or decline every trade that pops up on your window.

Is Binary Options Robot 100% Controllable on the Mobile App?

When Binary Options Robot released Mobile App for Android, it has made trading possible almost everywhere you go. You can install the app on Play Store for free and trade whenever you have to wait somewhere. Just get your smartphone or tablet and optimize your Robot to find you the trades that could bring you profit.

If you are already a Binary Options Robot trader, you can use your own existing account to log in on your mobile trading app. We wouldn’t have the best mobile trading platform if it didn’t allow our traders to have a complete control over their dashboard. Auto Trade Approval is also included in Binary Options Robot mobile app. Our traders have the same layout as they are already used it from our website. We want you to improve your trading strategies with the same platform. That’s why Binary Options Robot is a trusted binary robot.

Can I Accept Trades with Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

Binary Options Robot has a VIP Account that is designed to help beginners and advanced traders improve their trading skills. This is possible with our VIP account because we don’t require large amounts to be able to access the VIP account. When you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, we reward you with one free month of VIP features. If you contact our Customer Support, they will activate it shortly.

When you use the VIP features, like Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies, you get to enjoy in more trading options and accept more trades. Yes, Binary Options Robot is still 100% controllable when you activate the VIP features.

If you choose to set your Risk Level to low, you will instruct your Robot to place fewer and safer trades because you are opting for minimal trading risk. And you will still be able to approve or deny the trades that the Robot finds. When you choose a high-risk level, which is a strategy used by experienced traders, your Robot will be able to place more trades with higher profit opportunities. You will still be able to accept or deny every trade that your Robot finds.

Trading with Binary Options Robot has never been more reliable and convenient than it is now. Binary Options Robot is the auto trading software that is 100% controllable and more effective than any other binary robot in binary options auto trading industry.