5 Signs that Binary Options Robot is not a Scam

5 Signs that Binary Options Robot is not a Scam

Traders always want to be assured that when they trade with a binary software there is a minimal scam possibility and a low trading risk. You want a binary robot that provides the best trading services with the user-friendly platform and special trading tools.

However, traders who are inexperienced and beginners in binary options trading should be aware of some signs in order to recognize a trusted binary robot. We have laid down five signs that will demonstrate how Binary Options Robot is a legit software and not a scam.

1st Sign – Binary Options Robot is a Legitimate Software

Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that provides trading services with same effective results for beginners and advanced traders. The software is available to traders once you register for free. You can use Binary Options Robot account as long as you are online. A sign of good safety measure is the fact that no trading can occur while the trader is offline which ensures that no unexpected loss can happen. Everything should be evident to the trader during trading.

Binary Options Robot is also independent from all binary brokers. It operates on its own trading platform, including the features it provides.

2nd Sign – Binary Options Robot Trades with Regulated and Reliable Brokers

If you only want to trade with regulated brokers, Binary Options Robot provides them on its trading platform. Binary brokers which are CySEC regulated, like Banc de Binary, have to comply with the regulatory terms so they could keep their trading license.

binary options robot trading platform

One of the signs that indicate Binary Options Robot isn’t a scam is that it only recommends brokers which are reputable and provide excellent trading conditions. As mentioned before, Binary Options Robot does not accept any payments from binary brokers and traders.

When traders register with the Robot for free, they continue to make the deposit with a broker on their website. Our traders are directly linked to the broker’s account where they can complete the deposit payment. Binary Options Robot will display your available funds on its trading platform.

3rd Sign – Binary Options Robot Traders have Maximum User Control

Whenever Binary Options Robot scans the financial market looking for profitable trades with trading algorithms, our traders are the only ones that can choose to accept or decline each trade the Robot offers.

binary options robot auto-trade-approval

Only our traders have maximum user control thanks to Auto Trade Approval setting. This unique trading benefit allows traders to decide what to do with every trade that pops up on the trading platform. Other binary robots place trades automatically without traders being able to control if they want to invest in the particular trade or not. Scammers are known to take advantage of that by emptying traders’ funds without traders being aware of it. That is why with Binary Options Robot, traders are in control of each trade the Robot offers.

Binary Options Robot Results

When Binary Options Robot finds a trade that could be profitable, our traders receive Auto Trade Approval pop-up window which provides them with details regarding the offered trade. Our traders are able to make a decision about their trading move because they see the asset, its investment value, expiry time for accepting the trade, a suggested call or put, and finally, the option to accept or decline the trade.

Every time you choose to accept or decline the trade, you will know more about binary options trading and you will get an input into your trading progress with each trade you choose to accept.

4th Sign – Binary Options Robot has Effective Trading Features

A trusted binary robot should have platform features that are effective and enhance trader’s strategies. Binary Options Robot has carefully designed features which focus on wise investment management. It also has features that allow traders to invest different amounts in asset types they prefer. Additionally, Binary Options Robot keeps track of all your trading history regardless of how many brokers you are trading with.

binary options robot trade-options

With Daily Stop Loss, our traders can invest in trades with an amount they determine. In order to prevent unnecessary financial loss, the Robot stops trading as soon as the amount is spent. Another way of better control over your trading investments is possible with Max Daily Trade feature. If you want to set a fixed number of trades for daily trading, you can do it with Max Daily Trade. You simply enter a maximum number of trades and when that number is reached, trading stops right away.

Trading Amount also allows our traders to invest in different asset types. You can choose to invest only in stocks or commodities or currency pairs. Some traders only like to trade with currency pairs. All you have to do is activate your currency pairs in assets and enter a trading amount for that asset type. Nevertheless, if traders want to increase their odds for more profitable trading chances, they can invest in all asset types and activate most or all of the assets on Robot platform.

Trading with Binary Options Robot is anything but limited.

5th Sign – Binary Options Robot VIP Account is Available to all our Traders

What makes Binary Options Robot VIP account an amazing trading tool is the fact that it doesn’t require traders to spend huge sums of money in order to become VIP members. We want our traders to maximize their odds for rewarding outcomes from the moment they sign up with Binary Options Robot. This would be considered as another sign of not being a scam. Simply due to the fact that we do not lure our traders into making additional deposits without them even knowing what they are getting.

binary options robot-vip-features

Therefore, once you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you will get one free month of VIP benefits. Binary Options Robot VIP account has Risk Level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times.

Risk Level allows traders to choose their own trading tempo with 4 different risk levels. Lower risks could lead to safer trades, but higher risks could lead to higher profits with more available trades to invest in.

With 60 seconds and Daily Trades, traders can opt for shorter and longer expiry times. They can also choose among 4 different Trading Strategies with each strategy containing different trading algorithm.

These VIP features also function solely for traders’ benefit which every trader can realize after activating the features that we are definitely not interested in any type of scam business. It is not difficult to find the necessary signs to be sure that you are trading with a trusted binary robot. Binary Options Robot website also provides a lot of content which traders could use as guides in order to place more successful trades with minimal risk included.