4 Binary Options Robot Advantages

4 Binary Options Robot Advantages

If you already don’t have a free trading account with Binary Options Robot, you most likely missed out on many profitable trades. However, we can easily remedy that. If you want to have a good trading start, find out what are the advantages of trading with this auto trading software which you can completely control.

Binary Options Robot is a trusted binary robot with an outstanding service which our traders thoroughly enjoy. Binary options trading isn’t an enigma anymore. With the arrival of the auto trading industry, Binary Options Robot has become the top binary robot on the market. Computer technology is so far advanced nowadays and with this auto trading software, we are at the point where you can really make money with binary options.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trading Software

Thanks to algorithm trading, Binary Options Robot scans the financial market and analyzes it to find the most optimal trades and signals them to the dashboard. It is up to you to accept them or not. Our traders easily register with the Robot by filling out the basic information. You do not have to download anything or install the software. Once your account is activated, you can always trade as long as you are online. To begin trading, you have to make the first deposit with a broker from the Robot dashboard. This is easily done as you don’t have to look for brokers or check their availability in your country. You will always get brokers that are available in your country.

Making a deposit is easy and it’s done on the broker’s account. Traders will always make payments with the broker. Binary Options Robot is free and will not ask for any payments from you. It is designed as a tool that helps traders increase their chances of making a significant profit.

User Control Advantage with Binary Options Robot

When you are ready to begin trading with the Robot, you will see your available funds on your trading dashboard. You will also be able to set up all the platform features according to your investment plan. If you are a beginner trader, you will quickly be able to develop more strategies with every trade that you place. In order to reach that level of efficient trading, you should know how to optimize your trading dashboard.

binary options robot auto-trade-approval

Firstly, how does Binary Options Robot enable complete user control? The answer is Auto Trade Approval. This new trading benefit is unique to Binary Options Robot. With Auto Trade Approval, traders are alerted with an incoming trade and have the full authority to accept or deny the trade the Robot has offered.

So, when the Robot finds the optimal trade for you, it sends it to your dashboard as a pop-up window. This is the Auto Trade Approval setting that provides you with the information about the asset. You will see the asset type, investment value, a suggested move to call or put, and the expiry time to accept the trade. Every time you receive this Auto Trade Approval alert, you can decide to accept or decline the trade based on the information provided in it.

From a trader’s perspective, this is an amazing position to be standing on. Every time you accept or decline a trade, you will gain experience and be able to expand your trading strategies. Auto Trade Approval is an amazing advantage in binary options trading. It combines the best from auto and manual trading. You have the Robot finding trades with an accuracy impossible to achieve by humans, and traders have the control over every trade the Robot finds.

Trading Advantage with History Tab on Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot keeps track of all your trading results. History tab allows traders to retrace their trading steps every time they want to see how they are advancing. This is an amazing opportunity for beginners because, with each trade they place, they can learn from their own experience.

When you click on History Tab you will see all the details about every trade you have ever placed. You will see the broker that you traded with, order and close time, the asset and your investment, direction, strike and close price, results and returns.

You don’t have to keep track of your trades and investments, the Robot stores all the information for you. This advantage is ideal for traders who trade with multiple brokers. History tab is very convenient if you are trading with 2 or more brokers. When you are done trading, you can always return to History tab and study your trading decisions and the outcome. Learn from your winnings, and strategize even more successfully.

What is the Advantage of Mobile Trading with Binary Options Robot?

Our traders can finally install the Binary Options Robot Android App and explore how easy it is to trade while you’re on the move. Our mobile platform is as user friendly as the original one. We wanted our traders to trade with the same efficiency on their mobile devices as well.

binary options robot app

You can use your existing account to log in on your mobile app. The platform and the features will still be at your full disposal. Auto Trade Approval is also available on your mobile app.

You can accept those profitable trades wherever you are. Mobile trading is much more convenient today because of the fast tempo in our lives. That’s why we want traders to be able to enjoy practical and productive trading opportunities.

Take the Advantage with Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Our traders get to explore trading with many features on Binary Options Robot dashboard. Including special features available in our VIP Account.

You don’t have to invest a certain amount or make many deposits to become Binary Options Robot VIP member. When you register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you will get one month of free VIP benefits. Our Customer Support will activate your VIP membership so contact them to enjoy in your additional trading benefits.

With our VIP account, you get to trade in a more advanced manner. This is possible with VIP features like Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies.

When you add these features to your strategies, you will be able to explore more profitable trading options. And on your mobile app as well. Once your free month expires, don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your VIP benefits. When you make another deposit with the same or a different broker, you will get 3 more months of VIP membership. That’s how it’s done with Binary Options Robot. It’s not a matter of if, but when and how you can enable high profit opportunities with the best auto trading software on the market.