3 Easy Ways to Add More Brokers on Binary Options Robot

3 Easy Ways to Add More Brokers on Binary Options Robot

If you are a beginner trader, you might wonder why you would add more brokers if you could trade with one broker to be profitable. Because with Binary Options Robot, you can easily trade with multiple brokers!

When you trade with a binary software that is 100% controllable, that means that you only have to customize your dashboard, deposit with brokers and wait for the trades to pop up. To do that, you have to know what are the proper ways to optimize your Binary Options Robot platform and eventually add more brokers. Adding more brokers will increase your winning ratio which you will realize when you see how easy it is to trade with just one broker on the Robot dashboard.

If you are a beginner trader, there is no need to rush into anything if you feel you could use more time trading with just one broker. There are many features available on Binary Options Robot dashboard and they create best winning options if they are fully optimized.

Master Trading with Binary Options Robot before You Add More Brokers

Binary Options Robot is a trading software that enables you to place trades easily and swiftly. The effectiveness of this software is multiple. The Robot scans, finds and provides what you need. As a trader, your only role in this is to give out commands. These commands are in the form of dashboard features that you can customize in a way that complies with your investment expectations.

Each and every dashboard feature has a necessary aspect in binary options trading. Combining all aspects together creates a unified goal which focuses on your financial betterment. With these 3 ways to add more brokers on Binary Options Robot, you could also trade on our Binary Options Robot mobile app for android. This will allow you to strategically place your trades whenever you want to.

Easy Way to Register with Binary Options Robot and Activate your Trading Assets

First things first, all our traders have to register with Binary Options Robot. You can open a free account easily after you fill out a few basic information. Creating an account is free and so is trading with Binary Options Robot. Don’t expect hidden charges, there aren’t any. All deposits, payments, withdrawals are done between traders and brokers.

For the first deposit with a broker, traders are automatically given a broker from Binary Options Robot dashboard. This does not affect your trading since we always strive to provide brokers that should provide transparent trading. To make the deposit, you will be linked to the broker’s account where you will create a free account and finish the transaction with the broker. A standard amount among brokers for the minimum deposit amount is $250.

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When you go back to your Binary Options Robot dashboard, you will be able to see your available funds.

To begin trading with Binary Options Robot, you have to activate your assets. When you add more brokers, you will be able to activate assets differently for each broker. This means that you will at least double or triple your chances of winning. There are over 50 assets on Binary Options Robot dashboard and you should activate all of them. Activating all assets doesn’t mean that you have to pay anything. It means that your Robot is scanning the market for over 50 assets that could in any moment become profitable. If you keep only a few assets activated, the Robot will barely be able to place any trades that could bring your good profit opportunities.

A useful tip when investing in Trade Amount; you can invest differently in these 3 asset types. It all depends on what assets you find interesting or prefer to invest in. However, if you let the Robot find you the best trades among all the asset types, you can invest the same amount for each asset type and wait for opportunities to pop up with each trade the Robot provides.

Easy Way to Add a Second Broker on Binary Options Robot

If you are a beginner trader, you probably want to explore all your Robot features until you begin trading with another broker. You already know what to do with assets since we just covered that. So, there is another feature called Trade Options. This feature allows you to manage your investments and place a certain number of daily trades.

You can handle your investments with Daily Stop Loss by entering an amount you wish to spend. When the Robot reaches it, trading stops ensuring no unwanted loss. With Max Daily Trades, you can place a maximum number of trades that you want to be placed. Like with Daily Stop Loss, when that number of trades is reached, all trading stops.

Another feature that could improve your trading is Binary Options Robot VIP Account. When our traders register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, you are rewarded with one month of free VIP membership. To activate your VIP status, contact our friendly Customer Support. With VIP features like Risk Level, Trading Strategies, and Expiry Times, you can develop your strategies and apply them when you start trading with 2 brokers.

To add another broker on Binary Options Robot, you simply have to click on the broker from the trading dashboard and make the deposit with them. This will update your available funds on the dashboard as well. Now that you can trade with 2 brokers, you can use the VIP account and apply different strategies for both brokers.

Easy Way to Trade with Multiple Brokers on Binary Options Robot

You can use different Risk levels for different brokers. You can also choose different expiry times for each broker. The best part is that you can do all of this on the same Robot dashboard. You just click on the broker, customize the dashboard, and click on the other broker and do the same.

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When you decide that you want to increase your winning ratio, you simply make another deposit with another broker from the Robot dashboard. This means that your trading will now expand significantly. And if your free VIP status expires, making another deposit will prolong it for another 3 months. Just contact Customer Support and they will prolong your status shortly.

You can implement all these easy ways to trade with more brokers on our Binary Options Robot Mobile App. Now, you don’t have to pick your moments for the perfect trade. That moment could be whenever you want it. Our Android App is free and you can use your existing account to log in.

As you can see, our traders have many options that will lead them to better ways to achieve their goals. Binary Options Robot is always oriented toward improving traders’ experiences.