3 Binary Options Robot Benefits

3 Binary Options Robot Benefits

What would Binary Options Robot trading benefits be? Traders having complete control over accepting trades? Yes. Trading with multiple brokers from one platform? Most definitely. And with our Binary Options Robot Mobile App, you can do all of this and more while getting a coffee to go.

When there is a trading software that procures trades with excellent profit chances, at least you can do is create a free account to see what is auto trading with a legitimate software all about. Binary Options Robot offers a 100% user control, multi trading options and the best mobile trading experience. Why? Because Binary Options Robot is designed to actually provide opportunities for high financial results.

Our traders can be beginners and experienced traders. Binary Options Robot is suitable for everyone. Unlike manual trading where you need to have experience in order to profit, auto trading with Binary Options Robot is unique because you are served with all the information. You just need to decide whether to accept the investment or not.

The proper way to do it is with Auto Trade Approval benefit. In order to do that, you need to have a Binary Options Robot account.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval Benefit

The first thing every trader has to do is register for free with Binary Options Robot. This is quite simple because it requires only some basic information to create your account. This means that you can make your first deposit with a broker. All our traders only make deposits with the brokers, never with the Robot. To make your first deposit, you will be redirected to the broker’s account to complete the payment. You can return to your trading platform and see your available funds.

The Robot can trade only while the trader is online. This also means that Auto Trade Approval cannot be used while the trader is offline. Auto Trade Approval is a new benefit that allows traders to authorize each trade that the Robot offers. This is an important addition to trading with Binary Options Robot. This particular setting provides greater user control for traders. Being able to decide what to do with each trade that the Robot finds is a brilliant way for traders to get a clearer perspective on their investment decisions.

binary options robot auto-trade-approval

Whenever an Auto Trade Approval benefit pops up, traders can see the following information: the assets, its value, the expiry time to accept the trade, call or put suggestion and the option to accept or decline the trade. This means that every time a trade pops up, our traders always have these details on it. This enables them to decide whether they want to invest in the trade or not. With each accepted or declined trade, our traders are the ones that have the final say.

This is a Binary Options Robot benefit that is very appreciated by our traders. The ability to make the call for every trade the Robot finds, gives our traders a fuller trading experience because they are in control of what happens with their investments.

Handle Your Investments with Binary Options Robot

Another way our traders have control over their trading options is by using Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades. This benefit is a feature available in Trade Options on the trading platform. It allows users to set their spending limit while trading. This is applicable at all times and can be changed as well. With Daily Stop Loss, you decide how much you want to spend trading daily. When the amount is spent, the Robot stops trading. With Max Daily Trades, our traders can set a maximum number of trades for daily trading. This is a setting that can be used if traders rather have a limit on the number of trades than on their spending amount.

In both cases, trading stops when the amount is reached. Our traders can use both options at the same time. Just bear in mind that if you set a very low spending limit or a very small number of trades, your Robot might not be able to find you the trades that you could profit from because it will be very limited with these settings.

It is important to know how to optimize your features to get the results that you want.

Benefit from Multiple Trading with Binary Options Robot Dashboard

Your binary robot is not only limited to a single trading experience. There are various trading strategies for you to explore and one of those is trading with multiple brokers on one trading platform. With Binary Options Robot, you never have to pay and you can still win. We offer reputable brokers that provide transparent trading. This means that choosing a broker could only be a matter of a personal inclination rather than a safety precaution because we already try to always provide the best conditions to our traders.


To trade with multiple brokers, you should be familiar with all the Robot features and how they could bring you better winning opportunities. In order to trade with 2 or more brokers, you only have to click on the broker from our dashboard and make a deposit with them. When this is completed, simply return to your Robot dashboard and optimize it while you are trading with that broker. This is always done on the same Robot dashboard. Trading with multiple brokers on a familiar turf is always a benefit because it creates better confidence in your trading skills.

This is where Binary Options Robot VIP Account definitely comes in handy. Our traders get a free month of VIP benefits when they register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker. Our customer support activates your VIP status when you contact them.

With the VIP membership, you experience trading with different risk levels, various trading times and different trading strategies.

Binary Options Robot Mobile App – the Ultimate Trading Benefit

Binary Options Robot enables traders to trade almost anywhere at any time. Our Mobile App is free to install for all Android devices. Whether you use a smartphone, a tablet or both, you can place your trades while you are on the move.


We have made sure that our Android App provides all the features and benefits that our traders are already familiar with. Having the best mobile platform is crucial because we want our traders to have the same winning opportunities from any device they are trading on.

You can use your existing Robot account to sign in with your mobile app. And once you do that, you are free to use these benefits at all times.